Air Jordan 1 Original Chiacago Bulls

The Air Jordan 1s' story dates back to 1985, when sportswear brand Nike released its first basketball shoe in collaboration with famous basketball player Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan 1 quickly rose in popularity due to its unique style and on-court performance, and became one of the most iconic basketball shoes of all time.

Initially, the Air Jordan 1 was available in just four colors – red, black, white and royal blue – and caused a lot of controversy due to its violation of NBA rules regarding shoe colors. However, this only added to the legend of the Air Jordan 1 and drew even more attention to the shoe.

Since 1985, Nike has continued to release new versions of the Air Jordan 1, working with designers, artists and other brands to create limited editions and unique iterations. The Air Jordan 1 has also extended its impact beyond the basketball court, becoming a must-have for shoe collectors and fashion enthusiasts.

In addition to its performance and style, the Air Jordan 1 has also been praised for its build, quality and durability. It's a shoe that has stood the test of time and continues to be popular over 35 years after its initial launch.

Today, the Air Jordan 1 is considered one of the most important basketball/lifestyle shoes of all time and continues to inspire new generations of players and shoe fans. It's a staple piece of basketball and fashion history, and will no doubt remain an icon for years to come.

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