Comment prendre soin de sa paire de UGG ?

How to take care of your pair of UGGs?

How to take care of your pair of UGGs ? This is a question we often ask ourselves! If you want your UGGs to stay in top shape and keep your feet warm through winters, here are some tips and tricks to maintain them and keep them longer.

TIPS 1. Brush them gently:

First of all, you will get a soft brush. It may seem simple, but it is very important for removing dust and small dirt without damaging suede or suede. Brush them in the direction of the fibers so as not to damage them.

TIPS 2. Protect them from the rain:

Uggs and humidity don't go together at all, which is why we recommend protecting them with a special suede or suede waterproofing spray . This will keep them safe from stains and moisture.

TIPS 3. Gentle cleaning:

If they've taken a beating and need a good cleaning, use a sponge or soft brush with just a little water. But don't add too much, so as not to soak them with water. And for more difficult stains, several special suede and suede cleaning products can be used.

TIPS 4. Dry them naturally:

When you clean them, let them air dry. No heat source such as a radiator or hair dryer, otherwise it could damage them. You can also put newspaper in them to absorb moisture and keep their shape.

TIPS 5. Store them carefully:

To optimize the durability of your UGGs , opt to store them in a dry, well-ventilated place. Avoid storing them in a place where they can get crushed. A breathable bag is ideal for protecting them from dust.

TIPS 6. Goodbye bad odors:

If they start to give off a peculiar smell, put a little baking soda in them overnight. It will absorb odors. You can also use removable insoles for easier cleaning.

So there you have it, now you have all the keys in hand to take care of your UGGs like a pro! By following these simple and practical tips, you not only guarantee the longevity of your boots, but also their impeccable appearance and lasting comfort. Taking care of your UGGs is an investment in their durability , and it requires little effort on a daily basis. By maintaining them regularly, you can continue to enjoy their warmth and style season after season, making every step a comfortable and stylish experience.

Taking pleasure in pampering your UGGs and enjoying every moment spent with them is not only a guarantee of comfort, but also a way of asserting your personal style. With a well-maintained pair, you'll be ready to face cold days with confidence wherever your steps take you.

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