Collection: ARTE

Arte, the representative of Belgian streetwear

From its inception until today, Arte Antwerp reflects a fusion of contemporary artistic expressions and subcultural trends.
Before being proudly endorsed by the most influential artists of the Belgian music scene like Angèle, JeanJass or Roméo Elvis but also by world-renowned North American rappers like PartyNextDoor or Joey Bada$$, Arte was the fruit of the work of a student who, alongside his studies in graphic design, designed t-shirts which he sold to friends.

In 2009, Bertony Da Silva created Arternative, a streetwear-inspired brand, but with a classic and refined touch. At that time, the world of streetwear was dominated by brands representing their country or city. Like New York with Supreme or Amsterdam with Patta , Bertony Da Silva wanted to create a brand representing Antwerp, Brussels or even Belgium. Incorporating the city into its brand name was a tribute as well as a desire to place itself on the streetwear map.

His first creation was an experimental capsule t-shirt collection that brought together different art forms into clothing.

In 2016 Arternative became Arte Antwerp . The brand and its creator have matured into a cultured creative house, proving its relevance by translating artistic and timely concepts into ready-to-wear collections.

Bertony Da Silva's directional aesthetic reveals a deeply rooted background in graphic design and an exploration of different art forms, ranging from modern architecture to music. Arte Antwerp is guided by a strong emphasis on the exchange of concepts and ideas, both reflecting and engaging the creative landscape. Designed as a bridge between visionary communities, Arte Antwerp travels and connects across borders.