RADAR fêtes ses 1 an ! Retour sur l’histoire du concept store

RADAR celebrates its 1st year ! A look back at the history of the concept store

A year ago, RADAR opened its doors in Cannes, marking the start of an extraordinary adventure with you. Initially, the store was based on ressel, but in 2022 the designer decided to reinvent himself, seeking to establish himself in the market that inspired him the most. Thus was born RADAR, a concept store in the image of emblematic Parisian boutiques like Colette.

The primary objective was to create a young and dynamic space, filling the lack of a real concept store in Cannes . A place where male customers could find a selection of unique clothing and products, ranging from trendy brands to local creations. Inspired by labels such as Daily Pape r , Olaf , and NN07 , RADAR aims to provide a complete shopping experience, where every visitor could find everything they need. The store doesn't just sell clothes. It also highlights regional products such as MARIEJEANNE from Grasse , as well as works by local artists, such as DaiTran . A carefully curated library highlights topics ranging from art to fashion to pop culture, adding a literary dimension to the RADAR experience. During this first year, RADAR wanted to energize the city by organizing various events , bringing together lovers of fashion, art and trends. The objective was to create a gathering between Cannes residents and fashion enthusiasts.

One year later, RADAR continues to evolve. While discovering new brands, the company is expanding its offering to meet the expectations of its customers. A range dedicated to women will debut at the beginning of June. Music has always been an essential component at RADAR, and for the years to come, the store plans to organize several events around music, as well as playlist creation. This fusion between music and fashion will help strengthen RADAR's cultural identity. Beyond clothing and music, RADAR is turning to accessorization, introducing new brands such as " OSOI " for bags, " TOPOLOGIE " for accessible and original frames, as well as " ELLIE MERCEUR " for jewelry.

At RADAR , the family spirit is the solid foundation that drives our team, a primordial strength that is reflected not only internally but also in our relationship with customers. This spirit transforms each act of sale into a unique experience, where the customer becomes much more than a visitor. With a year behind us, the RADAR adventure has only just begun. The RADAR family hopes to continue writing its history and making its mark, inviting all fashion enthusiasts to be part of this exceptional adventure. May this year be the prelude to many others, with ever more discoveries, innovations, and unforgettable experiences at RADAR. As a place where fashion and culture truly collide, RADAR aspires to build ever stronger bonds with its community, making each moment spent with us a memorable step in the ever-evolving history of our shared history.

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