Arte Antwerp : la collection automne hiver 2023

Discover the retro-futuristic universe of the Pixels AW24 collection from Arte Antwerp in Cannes.

RADAR Cannes is always on the lookout for innovative brands in order to offer you a selection of avant-garde and fashionable ready-to-wear.

Today, we're excited to introduce you to a collection that expertly blends the retro and the futuristic to create a unique and captivating style. Arte Antwerp , the internationally renowned Belgian ready-to-wear brand, has launched its AW23 collection, titled “Pixels”. This new range of clothing and accessories has managed to capture the essence of the past era while offering a bold vision of the future. Let's dive together into the fascinating world of the collection available in your men's clothing store in Cannes.

The inspiration behind the Pixels AW23 collection is a stunning blend of nostalgia and modernity. The "pixel" patterns, which marked the era of the first video games and computers, play a central role in this collection. Arte Antwerp managed to capture the essence of the 80s and 90s by incorporating geometric patterns inspired by pixelated graphics. This nod to the nascent digital age evokes fond memories for many of us of a time when video games and animation were still in their infancy.

But the Pixels AW23 collection doesn't just look to the past. It is also imbued with a strong sense of futurism. The modern silhouettes, innovative cuts and technical fabrics used in the collection demonstrate Arte Antwerp's commitment to avant-garde and avant-garde fashion. This combination of retro and futuristic elements creates a unique style that transcends the boundaries of time.

Colors play a crucial role in the Pixels AW23 collection. Arte Antwerp opted for a bold color palette that mixes bright, vibrant hues often in the graphics with darker, subtle tones for the product itself. Shades of blue, red, green and pink are present in the collection, evoking the vividness of the pixels of yesteryear and the promising glow of the future. We were delighted to receive these original tonal palettes in the men's clothing store in Cannes.

A key aspect of Arte Antwerp's Pixels AW24 collection is its versatility. Something often sought after on the Côte d'Azur and in men's clothing boutiques in Cannes in particular. Each piece has been designed to suit a variety of looks and occasions, from casual to formal. Additionally, the brand pays special attention to sustainability, using high-quality materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. Sustainability has become a fundamental pillar of modern fashion, and Arte Antwerp is committed to creating clothing that stands the test of time, both stylistically and in terms of environmental impact.

In conclusion, Arte Antwerp's Pixels AW23 collection is a true homage to both the retro heritage of pixels and the futuristic vision of fashion. By combining these two seemingly contradictory elements, the Belgian brand succeeds in creating a unique universe that appeals to both nostalgic fashion enthusiasts and avant-garde minds. The versatility and durability of this collection make it an attractive option for environmentally conscious fashion enthusiasts.

If you are looking for fashion that transcends eras while remaining at the forefront of innovation, the Pixels AW2 collection from Arte Antwerp is made for you. Dare to embrace the past and the future with these unique clothing and accessories that will make you stand out in style!

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