Comment entretenir le tissu éponge?

How to maintain terry cloth?

RADAR Cannes welcomes OAS this summer to offer you the perfect wardrobe for your holidays.

At the forefront of the trend, OAS offers us several sets in Terrycloth, this "beach towel" material, which was trendy in the 1970s/1980s. OAS decides to seize it to design sets in this famous sponging material. Being in vogue, this nostalgic and pleasant fabric has come back. It is practical, durable and aesthetic.

Its soft and absorbent texture makes it an ideal choice for bath and beach products. However, to maintain its new look and softness, it is important to adopt a proper maintenance routine. In this article, we'll show you some handy tips for maintaining your OAS sets and extending its lifespan.

1. Read the washing instructions: 

Before washing your terrycloth, always check the manufacturer's specific washing labels and instructions. Some parts may require hand washing or specific water temperature. Following these guidelines will help you avoid damaging the fabric and preserve its unique qualities.

2. Pre-Treat Stains:
If you notice stains on your terrycloth, it's best to pre-treat them before washing. Use a mild stain remover or liquid soap to gently scrub the stain. Leave on for a few minutes, then wash normally. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the fibers of the fabric.

3. Use a mild detergent:
To wash your terrycloth, opt for a mild detergent without harsh bleaching agents. Mild detergents will help keep the fabric soft and prevent fading. Also avoid using too much detergent, as this can leave a residue on the fabric.

4. Avoid fabric softener:
Unlike other fabrics, the use of fabric softener is not recommended for terrycloth. Fabric softener can clog fibers, reduce their absorbency and make the fabric less soft over time. It's best to skip fabric softener and focus on alternative methods to keep the terrycloth soft and fluffy.

5. Moderate washing temperature:
Choose moderate washing temperatures when cleaning your terrycloth. High temperatures can damage the fibers and cause the fabric to shrink or distort. Opt for lukewarm or cold water to maintain the quality of the terrycloth.

6. Avoid over-drying:
Overdrying can also alter the softness and texture of the terrycloth. Prefer air drying or use a tumble dryer on low heat. Remove items from the dryer as soon as they are dry or slightly damp to prevent wrinkling and preserve their soft appearance.

7. Avoid ironing:
In general, terrycloth does not need to be ironed. The fibers of the fabric are naturally flexible and straighten after washing. If you still find stubborn creases, use an iron on a low setting and place a thin cloth between the iron and the terrycloth to prevent damage.

Caring for your terrycloth is essential to extending its life and maintaining its softness. By following these practical tips, you will be able to keep your terrycloth in good condition, thus ensuring a pleasant and long-lasting use. For more tips and to find your OAS set? visit RADAR Cannes at 4 rue Macé.

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