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How to wear Adidas Campus?

Adidas Campus sneakers are a timeless classic from the German brand, and they have gained popularity over the years thanks to their casual and elegant style. Whether you're a seasoned sneaker lover or just discovered these iconic shoes, this blog post is for you. We'll show you how to wear the Adidas Campus with style and flair, whether casual or dressy.

1. A casual basic

The Adidas Campus are above all casual sneakers, and they lend themselves perfectly to a relaxed and stylish look. Here are some ideas for putting together a basic outfit with your Campuses:

  • Slim or straight jeans : Pair your Campus with well-fitted jeans for a classic look. Dark jeans create a stylish contrast with white or light Campuses, while lighter jeans pair well with black leather Campuses.

  • Simple t-shirt : Opt for a plain t-shirt, preferably white, black or gray for a clean style. You can also choose a subtle logo t-shirt if you want to add a touch of Adidas branding.

  • Lightweight Jacket : A denim jacket or lightweight leather jacket will perfectly complement your casual Campus outfit. Choose a color that matches your sneakers for a harmonious look.

  • Minimalist Accessories : Keep accessories simple with a minimalist watch and a streamlined backpack.

2. A touch of streetwear

If you are a streetwear lover, the Adidas Campus can fit perfectly into your wardrobe. Here's how to incorporate them into a streetwear look:

  • Sweatpants or joggers : Opt for sweatpants or joggers, preferably with contrasting details or logos. Make sure the pants fit snugly at the ankles to show off your sneakers.

  • Oversized t-shirt : Oversized t-shirts are a streetwear staple. Choose a model with bold graphics or patterns for a distinctive look.

  • Bomber jacket : A satin or nylon bomber jacket will complete your streetwear look. Make sure it's lightweight for warmer seasons.

  • Cap or beanie : Add a snapback cap or beanie to your outfit for a final streetwear touch.

3. A casual dressy outfit

If you want to wear your Adidas Campus for a more formal occasion, it is entirely possible to integrate them into a casual dressy outfit. Here's how to do it:

  • Chinos : Opt for well-fitting chinos, preferably in a dark color, such as navy or khaki. Try one of our models, available here .

  • Button-down shirt : Choose a cotton or linen button-down shirt, which you can wear tucked into your chinos for a more polished look. Our selection awaits you here .

  • Leather Belt : A quality leather belt adds a touch of elegance to your outfit.

  • Casual Blazer : If the occasion allows, add a casual blazer for a more sophisticated look. Make sure it is well cut and matches the color of your Campuses.

  • Refined accessories : Complete your outfit with an elegant watch, clutch or leather briefcase. Discover accessories from all our brands here .

In conclusion, the Adidas Campus are versatile sneakers that can be adapted to many different occasions and styles. Whether you're looking for a casual, streetwear or dressy casual look, these iconic sneakers can be the key element of your outfit. Don't forget to maintain them properly so they stay in tip-top shape and continue to turn heads. So, dare to show off your style with the Adidas Campus and be ready to shine wherever you go! Come and discover all the colorways in the RADAR Cannes store, 4 rue Macé!

Photo: @laced

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