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How do Daily Paper fit : Sizing Guide

In the world of contemporary streetwear fashion, Daily Paper stands out as an iconic brand , combining urban elegance and African cultural influences . Founded in 2012 in Amsterdam, the Dutch brand quickly established itself on the international scene with its unique collections and avant-garde vision. However, choosing the right clothing size can sometimes be a challenge. In this article, we dive into the intricacies of sizing at Daily Paper, offering practical advice for both men and women.

For Men: Daily Paper offers an extensive range of men's clothing , from t-shirts to jackets to pants, all designed with a contemporary aesthetic and relaxed fit. The good news for men is that, in most cases, they can rely on their usual size when choosing clothes at Daily Paper. With a relaxed unisex fit, men can usually select their standard size without fear.

However, this may vary depending on the cut, style and type of garment. For example, if opting for a more fitted piece like a shirt or polo shirt, it may be advisable to check the specific measurements of the item. Indeed, some items may fit slightly differently, so it is always wise to consult the size guide for optimal accuracy.

On the Women's side: At Daily Paper, most pieces are also available in a relaxed unisex fit , which offers style freedom without gender limits. However, women may encounter some difficulties when it comes to choosing the right size. Indeed, for certain pieces, it is recommended that women take a size smaller than their usual size.

This recommendation is especially important for looser-fitting pieces, like hoodies or sweatshirts . By going down a size, women can achieve the relaxed fit they desire without sacrificing style. For more fitted items like crop tops or blouses, it is good to take your usual size

Bottom line: For men, most pieces are true to size , but always check measurements for more fitted items. For women, consider sizing down for relaxed-fit pieces, taking your usual size for more fitted items.

Finding the right size at Daily Paper can be easy and satisfying when you understand the nuances of sizing. Whether you're a man looking for a comfortable hoodie or a woman looking for a trendy oversized t-shirt, Daily Paper offers a variety of styles to suit all tastes and sizes. By following these practical tips, you can find the perfect size to complete your streetwear wardrobe with style and ease.

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