Comment taillent les Campus ?

How to find the perfect size for your Campus ?


This is the question we ask ourselves every time before falling for the Campus 00's, and choosing the pair that fits you like a glove can be quite a headache. That's why the RADAR team is here, ready to give you wise advice! We are not just a concept store, we want to make your life easier and make choosing the size and style of your pair as easy as chilling out. So, if you have any questions, we're here to give you a hand and help you enjoy your new pair !

The Campus, icons of the 2000s , have regained their place of choice in the world of fashion. However, a challenge remains for those wanting to embrace this retro wave : how do they compare size -wise to other shoe designs? Let's dive into the world of sizes to clarify this phenomenon and understand why Campus stand out from the rest.

The Campus has returned to service with strength and style in the world of fashion. It's a bit like comparing vinyl to an MP3. The difference lies above all in the evolution of design over the decades. The Campus maintains that authentic 2000s style, with cuts that remind us of that crazy era, while newer sneakers incorporate modern touches that can influence the size.

In reality, the dimensions of the Campus can play a big role because of the materials used in their construction. If contemporary models focus on lightness and the latest technology, a real deal of feeling and comfort for your feet, the Campus opt for solid and traditional materials. With the return of this model, a wave of nostalgia has taken hold of the current generation, thirsty to return to the beginnings of the millennium . Add to that stylish collaborations with trendy brands, reissues of striking colors, and the Campuses are at the top of the bill. You can discover a selection of Campus colours in your RADAR concept store in Cannes !

There you go, you now know that for Campus, you can definitely stay on your usual size. With their cool style, their solidity, and top comfort, you are ready for a top look without the hassle. So, go ahead and trust your usual size to be comfortable in these fashionable and comfortable sneakers. Enjoy your new shoes !

Don’t hesitate to discover a selection of Campus by Adidas at your local concept store, 4 rue Macé Cannes !

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