Dunk Vs Jordan Article

The differences between Dunk and Air Jordan

The Nike Dunk High and the Air Jordan are both basketball shoe models created by Nike. However, there are key differences between the two.

The Nike Dunk High is a higher shoe than the traditional Nike Dunk models. They have been designed to provide extra ankle support. Both pairs have a more casual design and can be worn for everyday use, in addition to being used for basketball practice.

The Air Jordans, on the other hand, were created in collaboration with the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. They are considered high-end performance shoes and are often worn on the court. Air Jordans are also considered a symbol of fashion and are often worn for their aesthetic and style.

The Dunk High has a distinctive Nike logo, while the Air Jordan High has Michael Jordan's "Jumpman" logo.

In summary there is:

  • Shape : The Air Jordan 1 Highs have a narrower, more pointed shape, while the Dunk Highs have a wider, more rounded shape.

  • Height : The Air Jordan 1 Highs have a high collar that extends above the ankle, while the Dunk Highs have a shorter collar that stops at the ankle.

  • The logo : The Air Jordan 1 High has the Jordan brand logo on the side, while the Dunk High has the Nike logo on the side.

  • Colors : While both models come in a variety of colors, the Dunk Highs are often paired with bright, contrasting colors, while the Air Jordan 1 Highs tend to be more subdued.


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