La tendance de l'été : les ensembles pour homme

The menswear industry has seen a significant evolution over the past few years, moving from a traditional and formal approach to a more relaxed and versatile aesthetic. Among the trends that have emerged with force in 2023, that of shorts and shirt sets for men has won the hearts of fashionistas looking for a refined style without compromising comfort.

Two brands have particularly stood out in this trend: Essentials Fear of God and OAS . Their innovative take on casual elegance has captured the attention of men looking for a distinctive, modern style. This is why RADAR Cannes offers you these two brands in store to follow summer trends and offer you a wide choice of cuts, colors and prints.

Since its creation, Fear of God has positioned itself as one of the leading brands in luxury streetwear. With their Essentials line, they have been able to push the boundaries of casual style while incorporating elements of elegance. Their shorts and shirt set for men perfectly embodies this sought-after aesthetic.

The Essentials Fear of God t-shirt is made from high quality materials, such as Supima cotton, which feels soft and comfortable against the skin. The design is minimalist, with clean cuts and clean finishes, making it a versatile piece that can be worn casually or on more formal occasions.

Combined with the matching shorts, this outfit offers a subtle balance between streetwear style and elegance. The shorts, usually made of cotton or technical fabric, are designed to offer a modern and comfortable fit, enhancing the male figure without sacrificing comfort.

The second brand we offer for these sets is OAS. It is a Swedish brand that has managed to capture the essence of Scandinavian summer in its collections. Their shorts and shirt set for men is a perfect blend of simplicity and style, inspired by the long sunny days and cool summer evenings of the Nordic countries.

OAS shirts are often made from viscose or terry cloth (terry material), a light and breathable material, ideal for hot days. Their unique prints, ranging from floral patterns to geometric designs, add a touch of personality to the outfit.

OAS shorts harmoniously complement the shirt with fitted cuts, elastic waistbands and practical pockets. Lightweight materials, like cotton and linen, allow great freedom of movement, making this an ideal outfit for summer adventures in the city or on the beach.

How to wear the shorts and shirt set?

The key to successfully wearing a shorts and shirt set lies in balance. The shirt can be worn buttoned up for a formal look or unbuttoned for a more casual approach. It is also possible to wear your shirt open with a t-shirt underneath.

When it comes to shoes, clean white sneakers can perfectly complement the stylish streetwear ensemble, while loafers or espadrilles can give a more sophisticated touch. Don't forget to play around with accessories, like jewelry or trendy sunglasses , to add a personal touch to your look.

In 2023, the trend for men's shorts and shirt sets continues to grow in popularity thanks to innovative brands such as Essentials Fear of God and OAS. These two fashion houses have been able to push the boundaries of casual elegance, offering modern, comfortable and versatile designs for style-conscious men.

Whether you go for the urban vibe of Fear of God or the Scandinavian summer essence of OAS, the shorts and shirt set is a winning choice for warm days and laid-back special occasions. So don't hesitate to make this trend your own and create unique looks that reflect your personality and style. Casual elegance has never been so fashionable, so drop by RADAR Cannes at 4 rue Macé to find the outfit that suits you.

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