MarieJeanne Grasse

Mariejeanne Grasse

To offer you the best fragrance, MarieJeanne is involved in all stages of production, from the sourcing of natural raw materials to the final perfume.

MarieJeanne develops her scents in Grasse, the world capital of perfume. Formulated with carefully selected natural essential oils, each has its own character.

Born in Grasse, Georges Maubert has been immersed in the world of perfume since childhood. Aware of the treatment of flowers up to the composition of scents, he works in close collaboration with internationally renowned noses.

He's part of the fifth generation of the Robertet company, world leader in natural raw materials, supplying historic houses such as Dior, Hermès and Guerlain. Since 1850, his family has worked in the perfume industry, farmers, chemists, perfumers, sourcers. This ancestral know-how is mastered and developed to offer you the most beautiful fragrances.

From plantation to the final product, MarieJeanne is committed, especially for you. They design and produce clean products in Grasse.

MarieJeanne ensures the traceability of all raw materials, from planting to harvesting, aiming to provide you with the finest ingredients in perfumery.

MarieJeanne uses natural materials for all their creations and certifies that none of their products or components have been tested on animals.

Man is at the center of their approach. Thus, they chose to work with the Robertet company. Together, they reduce waste and limit CO² emissions into the atmosphere.

MarieJeanne produces all of their perfume bottles in French workshops. Their packaging is unique and made of wood, which allows them to eliminate all plastic and unnecessary waste. 


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