Où acheter des bougies de luxe à Cannes?

Where to buy luxury candles in Cannes?

Candles by Marie-Jeanne Grasse: A bewitching olfactory experience

In the world of scented candles, a brand has established itself as an essential reference : MarieJeanne Grasse . With years of expertise in creating exquisite fragrances, this candle house has managed to capture the very essence of the Grasse region of France, famous for its long tradition in the perfume industry. In this article, we invite you to discover the bewitching world of candles by Marie-Jeanne Grasse and let yourself be seduced by their intoxicating aromas. Captivated by its intoxicating smells, RADAR Cannes decided to choose MarieJeanne to expand our in-store offer. Discover the history and know-how of our new arrival.

1. The story of Marie-Jeanne Grasse :

Founded by a family passionate about perfumes, Mariejeanne Grasse takes its name from the city of Grasse, located in the south of France. Grasse is renowned for its fields of flowers and its expertise in the creation of quality perfumes. The designer is part of the Robertet family, the world's largest group of raw material suppliers to the luxury perfumery industry. The brand is inspired by this olfactory heritage and seeks to share the magic of Grasse through its exceptional scented candles.

2. Craftsmanship :

Marie-Jeanne Grasse's candles are created with attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship. Each candle is hand poured, using premium quality waxes and natural cotton wicks. The perfumes are made with carefully selected ingredients, using traditional perfumery techniques. This artisanal approach guarantees candles of exceptional quality, both in terms of combustion and the diffusion of aromas.

3. Captivating fragrances :

What really sets Marie-Jeanne Grasse candles apart are their bewitching fragrances. Each candle tells a unique olfactory story, capturing the scents of nature, from flowers to herbs to fruits. Whether you want to recreate the soothing atmosphere of a flower garden, transport yourself to a lush forest or wrap yourself in a refreshing sea breeze, MarieJeanne Grasse candles have the power to transport you to unique olfactory universes.

4. A varied choice for all tastes :

Marie-Jeanne Grasse's candle collection offers a wide choice of scents to satisfy all tastes. Whether you prefer delicate floral scents, fruity and gourmet aromas, or woody and spicy notes, you will certainly find a candle that will awaken your senses. Each fragrance is carefully developed, making sure to achieve a perfect balance between the different notes for a harmonious olfactory experience.

5. A warm and relaxing atmosphere:

Lighting a Marie-Jeanne Grasse candle is much more than adding a source of light to your interior. It is to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and well-being. The subtle aromas of scented candles delicately spread through the air, creating an enveloping atmosphere that allows you to escape from everyday life and recharge your batteries.

Marie-Jeanne Grasse's candles are much more than a simple decorative accessory. They are an olfactory experience in their own right, an invitation to travel through the bewitching scents of the Grasse region. If you are looking for exceptional quality scented candles capable of creating a warm and relaxing ambiance, look no further. MarieJeanne Grasse candles will certainly seduce you and awaken your senses in a unique and bewitching way.

Come and discover the magnificence of these scents in the RADAR boutique, 4 rue Macé Cannes.

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