Adidas Samba x Wales Bonner silver

Where to buy Samba by Adidas in Cannes?

It's not because RADAR Cannes offers ultra trendy pairs that they forget the classics! The Samba is a timeless that is making an unnamed comeback. In the world of fashion, some iconic pieces transcend eras to become symbols of streetwear culture. Among them, Adidas Samba shoes occupy a special place. First released in 1950, these iconic sneakers have survived the decades, remaining timeless and captivating fashion enthusiasts around the world. In this article, we'll dive into the history of these iconic sneakers, explore their unique design, and find out why they continue to appeal to fashionistas and sneakerheads across generations.

Originally released as football boots, the Adidas Samba was designed to meet the needs of players on grass pitches. Their name pays homage to Brazil, a country that marked the history of football and is known for its catchy dance of the same name. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Sambas gained popularity among football players due to their unique design and cleated rubber sole, providing optimal traction on slippery pitches.

In the 70s, the Adidas Samba began to conquer the streets, finding a place in the emerging streetwear culture. The shoes were adopted by young people who were looking for sneakers that were both stylish and versatile. The clean and recognizable design of the Samba, with their three emblematic stripes, has made it an essential fashion accessory.

Over the years, their popularity has spread far beyond the football fields and streetwear culture. Sambas have been worn by artists, musicians, celebrities and fashion icons, propelling them into must-have icons.

What sets the Adidas Samba apart is their timeless design. Designed in a classic style, they have remained faithful to their heritage while adapting to current trends. Modern versions of the Samba retain the essence of their original design, but are occasionally revisited with new colors, materials and details to suit contemporary tastes. We can quote the Samba Wales Bonner for example, which is at the forefront at this very moment.

Besides their timeless aesthetics, the Adidas Samba are also appreciated for their comfort. Featuring a cushioned midsole and soft leather upper, they provide a comfortable fit that allows you to wear them all day without discomfort.

The Adidas Samba are much more than just sports shoes. They have become an icon of streetwear culture, a symbol of timeless style and a witness to the evolution of fashion over the decades. Their sleek design and comfort have made them must-haves for fashion and sneakerheads everywhere. Whether you are a football fan, a follower of streetwear culture or a simple fashion lover, the Adidas Samba remains a timeless reference in the world of sports shoes and urban fashion. Come and discover our selection of Samba by Adidas in store at 4 rue Macé, RADAR Cannes.
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