Où acheter la Nike Air Humara x Jacquemus à Cannes?

Where to buy the Nike Air Humara x Jacquemus in Cannes?

The alliance of Nike and Jacquemus: When Humara meets fashion

Being a resale of luxury pairs and exceptional design, RADAR Cannes could not resist the charm of the Nike Air Humara revisited by Jacquemus in 2022. In the world of fashion, collaborations between major brands and designers from reputation often create unique synergies. One of the most anticipated collaborations of recent years has been between Nike, the sporting goods giant, and Jacquemus, the French ready-to-wear brand known for its bold aesthetics and boundless creativity. Together, they gave birth to a product that embodies the perfect marriage between fashion and sport: the HUMARA by Nike x Jacquemus. In this article, we will explore this unprecedented collaboration and discover how it gave birth to a sneaker that mixes functionality and elegance.

The HUMARA: A meeting between two worlds

The HUMARA is the fruit of the union between the artistic vision of Simon Porte Jacquemus, founder of the eponymous brand Jacquemus, and the technical know-how of Nike, undisputed leader in the sportswear industry. The sneaker takes its name from Nike's famous line of hiking shoes, the Air Humara, which has been revisited and reinvented with the distinctive aesthetic touch of Jacquemus.

The unique design of the HUMARA is a harmonious blend of organic forms and futuristic lines. The shoe features a breathable mesh upper and premium leather overlays, providing the perfect balance of function and style . The bright and bold colors that have become Jacquemus' signature are also found in the HUMARA palette, bringing a fresh and modern touch to this classic silhouette.

What really sets the Nike x Jacquemus HUMARA apart is its ability to combine the best of both worlds: fashion and athletic performance. Unlike many such collaborations, where aesthetics often take precedence over functionality, the HUMARA manages to deliver a comfortable and high-performance wearing experience, while maintaining its fashion-forward look.

The rugged and grippy outsole of the HUMARA guarantees excellent traction on all terrains, while the responsive cushioning offers optimal comfort, whether for daily use or intensive sports practice. In addition, the sneaker incorporates reflective details to ensure increased visibility in low light conditions, underlining the attention to detail and safety.

The collaboration between Nike and Jacquemus has been hailed as a successful fusion of sports innovation and fashion-forward aesthetics. She demonstrated that iconic brands can partner with independent designers to create unique products that inspire fashion and sports enthusiasts. At RADAR we always want to bring you footwear that pushes industry barriers and brings innovation to the market.

The Nike x Jacquemus HUMARA is more than just a sneaker; she is the symbol of the evolution of mentalities and open-mindedness in the fashion industry. It testifies to the growing importance of sportswear in the fashion world and the growing demand for products that combine style and functionality.

The collaboration between Nike and Jacquemus gave birth to the HUMARA, a sneaker that perfectly embodies the alliance between fashion and sport. By combining the avant-garde design of Jacquemus with the technical expertise of Nike, this collaboration has succeeded in creating a product that attracts the attention of fashion enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts. The Nike x Jacquemus HUMARA is more than just a shoe; it's a reflection of an ever-changing industry, where creativity and innovation meet to create products that push the boundaries of fashion and performance.


Find the Air Humara by Jacquemus in your RADAR Cannes store, 4 rue Macé.


Photo: @AmarildaPula

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