Palm Angels

Palm Angels is an Italian fashion brand founded by Francesco Ragazzi in 2015. Based in Milan, the brand focuses on creating high-end streetwear clothing that mixes urban fashion trends with elegant Italian style.

The brand's name is inspired by skateboarding culture in Los Angeles, specifically the Venice Beach neighborhood, where palm trees stand as guardians of the skate scene. This spirit is reflected in Palm Angels' collections, which are filled with bold, laid-back pieces, such as oversized sweatshirts, joggers and track jackets.

However, what really sets Palm Angels apart from its competition is its unique creative approach that combines streetwear with luxurious details. The brand uses high-quality materials such as leather, fur and elegant fabrics to bring bold, yet subdued pieces to life.

Additionally, Palm Angels regularly collaborates with other brands and artists to create exclusive and innovative pieces. For example, the brand collaborated with Moncler to create a collection of winter coats that combine urban style with the functionality of classic winter coats.

Over the years, Palm Angels has become one of the hottest brands in the fashion world, with fans including Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. The brand continues to grow and expand its product line, including accessories such as sunglasses and handbags.

In conclusion, Palm Angels is an innovative fashion brand that combines streetwear with luxurious details to create unique and tasteful pieces. With its bold creative approach and collaborations with other brands and artists, it's no surprise that Palm Angels has become one of the hottest brands in the fashion world.

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