Samba OG vs Samba Wales Bonner : Quelle est la différence ?

Samba OG vs Samba Wales Bonner: What is the difference?

In store our customers often ask us the difference between the Samba OG and the Samba Wales Bonner. When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of sneakers, the Adidas Samba is often at the top of the list for many fashion lovers. But if you don't know Wales Bonner, it's true that it's difficult to understand the difference. In this article, RADAR Cannes compares these two iconic models to help you determine which one best suits your style and needs.

Samba OG: The Legacy of the Original

The Samba OG embodies the authentic heritage of the classic Samba silhouette. First released in the 1950s as an indoor soccer shoe, the Samba OG has become a timeless style symbol in the world of street fashion. With its smooth leather upper, iconic Three Stripes and textured rubber sole, the Samba OG offers the perfect blend of comfort, durability and style. Available in a range of classic colors, the Samba OG is a versatile choice that can be worn with a variety of outfits, from casual looks to dressier ensembles.

Samba Wales Bonner: Elegance Renewed

The Wales Bonner Samba is a contemporary interpretation of the Samba, created in collaboration with British fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner. This reimagined take on Samba classics features refined details and luxe touches that celebrate Wales Bonner's distinctive aesthetic. With premium materials such as premium leather and metallic finishes, the Samba Wales Bonner offers a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. Subtle accents and unique color nuances add a modern twist to this classic silhouette, creating a shoe that stands out with its distinctive style.

Key Differences:

1. Design and Aesthetics: The Samba OG maintains the classic, clean design of the Samba, while the Samba Wales Bonner features more elaborate details and luxurious finishes.

2. Materials and Finishes: The Samba OG is often made with traditional materials such as smooth leather and rubber sole, while the Samba Wales Bonner uses premium materials and metallic finishes for a more luxurious look.

3. Color Palette and Patterns: While the Samba OG is available in a range of more classic colors, the Samba Wales Bonner offers more unique shades and daring patterns like leopard or metallic.

4. Price ranges: This is where you might be surprised. The Samba OG uses the more or less classic Adidas pricing, however the Samba Wales Bonner climbs the range very quickly, reaching €4,000 at certain retailers for the most desirable models. The quality of the materials is what will explain the rather wide range of this shoe. Wales Bonner is a luxury brand and therefore luxury prices are imposed.

Ultimately, choosing between the Samba OG and the Samba Wales Bonner will come down to your personal style and budget preferences. If you're looking for an iconic shoe with classic aesthetics and proven versatility, the Samba OG is a safe choice. To bring a trendy and original element to your outfits, Wales Bonner will convince you. If you have other doubts, come to RADAR Cannes Concept Store, you can never see it better than yourself!

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