Virgil Abloh : le créateur de Off-White

RADAR Cannes has decided to offer you a selection of Off-White pairs. Discover why their creator inspires us so much.

One of the biggest names in streetwear is without debate that of Virgil Abloh who, during his career, offered us iconic looks that still mark the history of fashion today. After his tragic death, let's retrace his life in order to understand the evolution of this exceptional designer.

Known mainly for his Off-White brand and of course his career at the head of Louis Vuitton, Virgil acquired a visionary eye while studiying architecture. But, after an internship at Fendi in 2009 Virgil switches to fashion. This is where he will meet Kayne West, with whom he will work at Fendi as an intern, side by side, paid only $500 a month, which seems unimaginable at the present time. Having a similar vision, the two artists continue to work together for the rapper's more personal projects. This, moreover, will only be the beginning of a long history between Virgil Abloh - also a DJ in his free time - and the music industry; he'll work with Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, Pop Smoke or Octavian.

Having expanded his contact list, this gives him the confidence and the opportunity to launch his own brand. However, the name Off-White will not be defined immediately. It was in 2012 that he launched Pyrex Vision, but it's a particular concept because he simply sticks his logo on Champion t-shirts and Ralph Lauren shirts. Today these pieces are considered collector, but weren't necessarily appreciated at the time. Below the logo, he inscribed the number "23", a reference to his childhood idol : Michael Jordan. His first trial in the industry creates buzz and spreads his name.

A year later, he also briefly formed a group of DJs with his former colleagues working for Kanye, called Been Trill and the 4 collaborators will decide to create merchandising in order to create a craze. As usual with Virgil, the group undertakes different collaborations raising the rating of the brand. We can mention Stüssy, KTZ or even Hood By Air. However, the brand was bought by Pac-Sun in 2013, and still exists today. It's after this experience that Virgil wishes to reopen a brand that belongs to him and him alone. It was therefore in 2013 that he founded Off-White. He chooses this name because it is the "grey" between black and white, the first indicator that Abloh will create what does not exist, an intermediary between two universes : luxury and streetwear. This name will resonate throughout the world and will spread the legend of Virgil Abloh, in particular thanks to his participation in the LVMH Prize even if he ends up losing, that is enough to understand his genius. It's because of his creativity that RADAR has chosen to supply different Off-white shoes in store at Cannes. 

LVMH have also monitored its growth and appropriated the creator in 2018 by appointing him director creative of men at Louis Vuitton. Virgil will be the first person of color to hold this prodigious position.


Collection after collection, collaboration after collaboration, Virgil Abloh becomes synonymous with success wherever he goes. He knew how to divert Pop Culture and use it to the advantage of the house by proposing partnerships with artists like Takashi Murakami. For his part, he will continue to grow his Off-White brand by using his network and his "it-product" culture, also collaborating alone with IKEA for example. A collaboration that opened the door for many other brands to mass-market brands, such as Balenciaga with its Lidl collection. He knew how to make the unwanted wanted, the mainstream rare.

The creator of Off-White has also given back a lot to young talents, to minority communities, he is today a symbol of the people at the heart of this monstrous machine called fashion. He was the launcher of the democratization of the industry and it is a trace that will never be erased.

Abloh dies suddenly at the age of 41, after keeping his cancer a secret for almost 3 years. His impact on culture is carrying on forever today, and his name will forever be in history, thanks to his Off-White brand, but also the legend he brings to streetwear. The street is now more than just a source of inspiration, it is one of the main sources of sales for fashion houses. It is the mixture of these universes that we can attribute to this great creative. He was therefore able to find the grey area between luxury and the street.

That's why we offer you unique pairs from Off-White at RADAR Cannes.




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