Quel est le Bearbrick le plus chère ?

Which Bearbrick is the most expensive ?

Which Bearbrick is the most expensive ?


Within the vast and vibrant community of art and design collectors, certain pieces stand out for their iconic character, remarkable aesthetic and cultural significance. Among these coveted pieces, the Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000% takes pride of place, representing an undisputed symbol of elegance and exclusivity. Designed by internationally renowned contemporary artist, Kaws , this Bearbrick perfectly embodies the essence of his distinctive and
innovative, skillfully merging contemporary art with the world of toy design.


Since its introduction to the market in 2001 by the famous Japanese company Medicom Toy , the Bearbrick has quickly become an essential reference in the world of collecting. Its clean silhouette and smooth surface provide an ideal canvas for artistic expression, attracting the attention of collectors around the world. However, the Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000% stands out for
its impressive size, being ten times larger than the standard model. This monumental scale allows for careful exploration of details and patterns, providing a captivating visual experience for those privileged to view this exceptional piece.


One of the other most striking features of the Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000% is its "dissected" appearance. Unlike traditional Bearbricks which maintain a coherent shape, this version presents itself in a fragmented aesthetic, thus revealing the insides of the figurine. This artistic deconstruction testifies to the talent and ingenuity of the creator, adding a dimension of depth and complexity to the work.

The collaboration between Kaws and Medicom Toy has resulted in a piece of art that transcends the boundaries between contemporary art and popular culture. The Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000% embodies the spirit of creative collaboration and the fusion between urban art and toy design. Indeed, this iconic work also symbolizes the evolution of artistic trends and the growing impact of pop culture in the field of contemporary art. However, the rarity and exclusivity of the Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000% also makes it one of the most sought after pieces on the collectibles market. With an average price of 30,000 euros, this work of art is coveted by the most passionate collectors and art lovers around the world. For fans eager to discover the world of Bearbricks, series 46 of Bearbricks100% is available at RADAR , offering a unique opportunity to dive into this fascinating universe and discover these little emblematic figurines from the Bearbrick collection.

The Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000% represents a harmonious marriage between contemporary art, popular culture and toy design, captivating collectors with its unique aesthetic and exclusive character. His influence goes far beyond the simple field of collecting, leaving a
indelible mark on the world of contemporary art and design, and testament to the bold vision of its creator, Kaws .

It is also worth emphasizing the cultural influence of the Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000%, which goes far beyond the simple realm of collecting. This iconic piece has become a true symbol of contemporary art and pop culture, being the subject of prestigious exhibitions and
attracting the interest of the largest museums around the world. Its impact on the contemporary art scene is a testament to the bold vision of its creator, and his ability to transcend the boundaries between art, design and popular culture.

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