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Why is Palm Angels expensive?

Palm Angels is expensive due to several factors, such as :

  1. Premium materials : The brand uses high end materials to create its products, such as leather, fur, and elegant fabrics, which increases the cost of production.

  2. Attentive manufacturing process : The brand attaches great importance to the quality and finish of its products, which involves a meticulous and expensive manufacturing process.

  3. Brand prestige : Palm Angels is considered a prestigious brand with high notoriety in the fashion world, which may justify its high cost.

  4. High demand : The demand for Palm Angels products is very high due to their unique style and superior quality, which may lead to an increase in price due to the law of supply and demand.

  5. Marketing and distribution costs : The brand also invests in expensive marketing campaigns and has an extensive distribution network, which can also contribute to its high cost.

In summary, the high cost of Palm Angels products is due to a combination of factors such as luxurious materials, an attentive manufacturing process, high profile brand image, high demand, as well as marketing and distribution costs. Depending on the arrivals, you can find Palm Angels pieces at RADAR Cannes. 

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