About Us

Our story

RADAR is the result of a first project called SAMPLE. Present since 2020 in the center of Cannes, an iconic place on the French Riviera, RADAR has been rebranded in order to offer you an even more personal experience. But do you know our story ?

It all started at the earliest age of founder Colin Esnay. A friend introduced him to the resale industry through Yeezy. This interest quickly turned into an obsession. From pair to pair, his passion for the world of sneakers and fashion develops to become an integral part of his life. He first founded SAMPLE, which became RADAR, further emphasizing the identity of the brand, which grew stronger over time.

The name "Radar" can recall the beginnings of Colin Esnay, who traveled a lot when he was young, living between two cultures : Guyana and France. From trip to trip, this point marks him and will become a central element in his life. Radar is often associated with discovery and detection : two guiding principles from the founder's childhood, who had to readapt with each move. Spending his time on planes between Europe and South America, he was influenced by everything he saw. Just like a Radar, he detects the cultural and aesthetic differences that will influence him in his life and in the construction of his brand, right down to the name.

The RADAR vision

In a market overwhelmed with brands, it's sometimes difficult to find quality products that adapt to our needs and desires. That's why RADAR is your personal system for detecting the most unique and trendy sneakers and clothes of the moment. Offering niche European brands in ready-to-wear, and the most iconic sneakers in the industry, you will inevitably find the answer to your needs with us. Selected by enthusiasts, you can be sure to be advised in a meticulous and personal way. In addition, our range has diversified to offer you lifestyle accessories that complement your RADAR experience. So don't hesitate any longer, come and discover the store at 4 rue Macé, Cannes or our e-shop for those far away.

  • Proximity

    We promote quality as well as customization of
    customer relationship.

  • Passion

    It is our driving force and promotes self-improvement as well
    that 100% investment in our profession to better meet your needs & desires.

  • Empathy

    It is essential and allows us to humanize our connections. Being a human-sized company, it governs our relationships.